About Us 

 Kingston Academy is a autonomous professional body established in 2003 to foster the concept of UK management and technology education made available to all internationally.

Kingston Academy initially started its operation with corporate training in Europe and expanded over the years as a professional membership body. With its growth expansion plan, the council members embarked to offer its Professional programmes on the transnational academic model to promote and foster state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise in all facets of management and technology field of education, training and development for the global educational arena.



Kingston partners PCUs’ Graduate School to co-develop and teach specific Postgraduate and Doctoral Programmes

Kingston Academy linked its first Asia Collaborative Agreement with the Philippine Christian University (PCU), to jointly deliver courses for PCU’s Postgraduate and Doctoral programmes in Business and Education . The collaboration entails the co-development and co-teaching of curricula, pedagogical research

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It has been brought to our attention that college partners are marketing CAEUK dual diploma programmes without making payments to Kingston Academy . Kingston Academy shall not be responsible for the action of rogue institutions misrepresenting the organisation. Should you

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Blockchain is the leading platform for digital assets, Blockchain is a list of Blocks where data is manipulated in blocks which are linked and secured using cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a public ledger for digital transactions. Blockchain is mainly used in

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Quality , Standards & Recognition

Educational quality assurance at KINGSTON ACADEMY is focused on the following aspects: Programme Quality, Teaching Quality At Accredited Centres and Outcome Monitoring. The intention is to ensure quality in all aspects of the programmes aligned in accordance with the required standards set by OFQUAL.





Academic Partnerships

As a professional awarding body, Kingston develops academic partnerships with global professional and academic institutions to provide its graduates with opportunities attaining advanced standings to various programs that  enrich their learning experience and gain international exposure in order to become global citizens.

At Kingston we believe, an integrated and comprehensive approach is required to build innovative programs to help students thrive and become successful global citizens, so that we will be able to assist to drive the international student community success that spans generations .

 Kingston recognizes the strength in joining together to create a community that develops today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders. Kingston  is committed to supporting national and international development initiatives that further increase access to higher education and educational partnership


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